The Rural Pub Development Project (RPDP) has been established to assist small villages in enabling the development and continuation of local life, where the last community facility, (normally the village pub) or services are either in danger of closing, or have actually closed.

There are several organisations that provide valuable assistance to help “save our local boozer”. Pub is the Hub, Village SOS and the Plunkett Foundation They provide assistance and advice on Co-operative pubs or Community Pubs.

The RPDP, however provide positive and immediate help for these projects

It is often the case that there is great enthusiasm for trying to maintain the community facility in question but these enthusiasts either do not have time to devote to the project or have not the expertise to carry it out.

Saving the village pub is very important to certain areas in Britain as it is the hub of the village, where the local community will gather for many special occasions, just after work for a quick drink, or for regular monthly and weekly gatherings.

We at RPDP are completely committed to assisting villages maintain these community facilities and have a wealth of experience in successfully developing and running enterprises of this nature. We are also able to call on experts in fields outside our remit to develop very specialist project areas.

Our services are totally flexible and potential clients may take up part or all of the services we offer.

Our fees do not reflect the true costs of the work carried out, as we are total enthusiasts in seeing rural community life maintained and developed.

The way we handle each project is very straightforward. We hold an initial meeting with the interested parties and explain exactly what we do. There is no charge for this initial meeting. Should our services be accepted, we than carry out a feasibility study for the project. We would then present our feasibility report to the interested parties and outline our proposals for developing the project only if the feasibility report is favourable.

We will give advice and proposals on each separate project and what outcomes could be obtained. A Co-operative Pub could be the answer, sometimes known as a Community Pub and this is something that is proving more and more popular.

Our main aim is to help you to save your village pub