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Elbee Staff Training We are able to prepare and offer a full range of training for most areas of the pub business, including Marketing, Financial Controls, Business Planning, Financial presentations and Staff training.

In particular we can guide the new Owner/Tenant through all aspects of management and controls necessary for running a pub. Staff training is mainly for front of house staff to provide customer appreciation and staff motivation.

Essential Management Information

Planning ChartWe can advise and set up all the required procedures, to provide the information needed to accurately monitor and control the activities of the business.

Guidance would be given on using the information and how this will enable the Management to maximise the profits of the pub.

Budgeting for Profit

SpreadsheetWe can give guidance and set up Cash Flow Forecasts, Profit and Loss Accounts, Costing systems and daily trading information.

This will enable the Management to see, at a glance, the state of the business. These vital controls mean that early action is taken to prevent the business going wrong and highlight where savings can be made.

Cashflow Forecasting

Empty PocketWe will set up Cashflow forecasts and include record actual Cashflow as part of the Monthly Management controls.

Guidance is offered in the use of this information to improve profitability of the business, as well as assisting in the avoidance of cash shortfalls.

Planning your Business

Elbee Business planningWe are able to provide all the training and assistance required to enable the pub to be run efficiently and profitably.

This may involve setting up cash controls, preparing marketing programmes, training and motivating of staff and all other areas vital in running and controlling a first class, highly profitable pub.

Development of all the tools needed to create and control a successful business.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing Strategy spidergramWe assist in preparing and implementing a Marketing Plan for the business. We have many years experience in this field and know which promotions tend to be successful.

Marketing Plans do not need to be expensive and we are often able to recover any expense in a matter of weeks.

Stock Control

Stock controlWe can organise and maintain stock controls and give guidance on the value and interpretation of the information.

Essential advice is also offered on ways of eliminating any stock losses.

Save our village pub

Save our village pub The Rural Pub Development Project (RPDP) has been established to assist small villages in enabling the development and continuation of local life, where the last community facility, (normally the village pub) or services are either in danger of closing, or have actually closed.

We at RPDP are completely committed to assisting villages maintain these community facilities and have a wealth of experience in successfully developing and running enterprises of this nature. We are also able to call on experts in fields outside our remit to develop very specialist project areas.

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